Vision and Values

Fairlands Middle School is a school at the heart of the community.

At Fairlands we have a caring and respectful culture where there is no limit to what our pupils can accomplish. Through high quality adaptive teaching, strong pastoral systems and a focus on personal and social development, we seek to prepare every pupil to be successful for the future they have ahead of them.

Our core values underpin every pupils’ experience at Fairlands Middle School. Our three core values are represented as the Fairlands ABC:

A – Ambition

Fairlands is ambitious for every pupil. This ambition will allow all pupils to be supported to achieve their very best academically and socially. Pupils will be proud of the success that they achieve.

B – Belonging

Every pupil will feel a sense of belonging to our full school community as well as their house. Pupils will be tolerant of differing views and opinions and show empathy to others.

C – Challenge

Every pupil will be challenged to achieve their very best through high quality adaptive teaching and strong pastoral support. Pupils will demonstrate high expectations and a desire to succeed.