Aug 02 2017

German Trip 2017

Das macht Spass!

This term 67 pupils from Year 6 took the opportunity to travel to Germany, where they embraced both language and culture. Throughout the year pupils had been in contact with their pen pals whom they finally met, when we visited the Liebfrauenschule in Recklingshausen. The pupils spent the morning getting to know their pen pals. Pupils saw how and what lessons were taught in the school. They were able to compare similarities and note cultural differences. At the end of the morning pupils embarked on a STEM/MINT project with their pen pals which was a lot of fun, as it was “The Egg Drop Challenge”.Throughout the rest of our stay in Germany pupils did a joint trip with their pen pals the next day to a place called Ketterler Hof-a children’s adventure park. Pupils visited a Freibad and a zoo and finished off with a disco before heading back to Cheddar via a Belgium chocolate factory. All pupils enjoyed the experience and we hope to be able to run this trip again next year for our current Year 5.

Sarah Aynsley

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Jul 20 2017

Sports Day 2017

Blackdown team captains with the trophy!

Blackdown boys storm home to victory!

This year Blackdown were triumphant in winning the Sports day events overall. There were 14 records broken this year including Blackdown girls and boys relay in Year 8.The records broken are as follows:

Year 5 Girls 80 metres :Rebecca George 11.72
Year 6 Boys 200 metres Charlie White 30.57
Year 7 Girls 200 metres Bonita Williams 31.28
Year 5 Boys 600 metres Joe Bassett 2.00
Year 6 Boys 600 metres Oscar Bridgman 1.57
Year 6 Boys Cricket Ball Jimmy Clarke 51.35 metres
Year 5 Girls Long Jump Rebecca George 412 metres
Year 8 Boys Triple Jump Ellis Bird 9.78 metres
Year 8 Girls Triple Jump Abi Campbell 8.60 metres
Year 7 Girls Discus Bonita Williams 20.51 metres
Year 6 Girls 600 metres Daisy Thompson 2.09
Year 6 Boys 1500 metres Oscar Bridgman 5.08
Year 8 Boys Relay x 100 Mendip 55.03
Year 8 Girls Relay x 100 Blackdown 58.78

We welcomed back for the last time, the “Wrong Direction” starring Billy Nash and Alfie Head on vocals and Ewan Foster on guitar. They sang a song that they had composed themselves called “Hit the track”. These boys have entertained us at Sports Day for the last three years and are leaving this term. We wish them luck and all of Year 8 in whatever they wish, dream, aim to do.

Mrs Aynsley

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Jun 25 2017

Year 8 visit to the “Julian Trust Night Shelter”

Today we went to a homeless shelter, called the Julian Trust Night Shelter in Bristol to deliver the items that Year 8 had donated for them and have a tour of the shelter. We learnt lots of key facts of how the shelter was run and how the ‘guests’ became homeless. All staff were voluntary workers, and made sure that all the homeless people were comfortable while in their care and made sure all the facilities were clean and as nice as possible. We now know the reality and we appreciate how we are lucky in our lives. Unfortunately they can only supply 18 people with beds, however, they can offer food to everyone (normally up to 70 people) and even if some people can’t stay overnight they can have sleeping bags and sandwiches. Any donations from food to clothes to blankets can help. This experience was very eye opening and we learnt the reality of homelessness. An amazing trip!

By Sam Perry 8N and Phoebe Davies 8M.

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Apr 06 2017

Visit from Mr Tumaini from Kenya

Mr Tumaini from our partner school in Kenya has been visiting our school. Here you can see him visiting different areas of the school. On the last day of term he took assembly with Mrs Aynsley and he told us about his school near Mombasa and also about the Environment club that he runs for the pupils in his school. He will be returning for one day after the Easter holidays and will also be visiting Shipham First school as well as attending the GA conference with Miss Brewster.

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Apr 05 2017

S4S Young Writers’ challenge

This was a competition for Years 7-11 in Somerset. The task was to create a short story depicting a vision of a nightmare/dream world. The story had to be a maximum of 800 words. There were over 300 applicants and Fairlands managed to achieve 1st/2nd and 3rd place. Pupils who entered this competition from Fairlands were Ruby Davis, Ewan Foster, Helena Steven, Tabitha Fuller and Abi Campbell.

Blow are the winning stories. Please have a read.

Abis story

Dystopian Nightmare

This is Heaven

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Mar 20 2017

Global RE FEST 2017

During our Global RE Festivals Enrichment Day, pupils were given an opportunity to explore the meaning and purpose of a religious or humanist festival.
1. Year 5 acquired knowledge of the Hindu Festival of Holi, studying the myths and legends behind the celebrations. They created their own mythological story and created elephant art work, inspired by the beautiful elephants of Jaipur.
2. Year 6 researched Eid-ul-Fitr, an Islamic festival that celebrates the end of Ramadan. They also created their own clay tiles, using designs inspired by Islamic art.
3. Year 7 studied Wesak, a festival that remember the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha. They looked at the meaning behind Buddhist symbols, participated in meditation and made their own Wesak lanterns.
4. Year 8 learnt about humanist speakers and asked questions to Humanist guest speakers. They designed their own environmental festival and poster for World Environment Day which was inspired by the art of Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

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Mar 20 2017

Mock trial Winners 2017

On Saturday pupils from Fairlands took part in the Magistrates’ Court Mock Trial competition which was held at the Chippenham Law Courts. Schools and guests arrived about 9.ooam and were welcomed by Sir David Hempleman-Adams, High Sheriff of Wiltshire. Round one kicked off at 10.30 am. Our pupils were up against The Commonweal School from Swindon. Our pupils were prosecuting. After a rather heated court case our pupils emerged feeling confident and ready for lunch.

During their lunch break they were able to go and visit the cells where prisoners are held before court and Zion even managed to get locked in the police van!

Round 2 began at 12.45pm and that Fairlands was up against the St Laurence School from Bradford on Avon, this time our pupils were defending the witness in the case.

Finally it was time to announce the winners and after some deliberation the winners were announced to be the victorious Fairlands Middle School. There was lots of cheering from parents and staff and of course the pupils who were extremely happy to receive their medals after a long day.

Pupils will now have to learn a new case to prepare for the next round. Thanks to Mrs Persaud and Miss Coles for all their hard work with the pupils.

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Mar 16 2017

BBC News School Report…


Fairlands Middle School BBC News School Report students have spent many terms investigating different stories to form their report.

After much deliberation in choosing a topic to research, it was finally decided to make it a whole school decision through a student vote. The winning topic was “A day in the life of a Middle School”.

The students felt that Middle Schools are so unique and do a great job in the local community that they wanted to showcase what they have to offer.

The whole project has been student led with minimal teacher input. All interviews, conduct and filming have been the students choice.

I hope you find it as engaging and interesting as they have.

I am extremely proud of each individual and what they have achieved through commitment and hard-work to make such a successful report.

Miss I C Brewster

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Feb 23 2017

Chinese New Year 2017

27-01-2017 13114227-01-2017 125131

Pupil of Fairlands Middle School have spent two weeks finding out about Chinese New Year and what happens in the annual celebration. This year pupils celebrated the Year of the Rooster in school. Pupils were allowed to dress up in the traditional colour of red, as this is the colour that brings good fortune. Pupils completed activities provided by the British council on the Year of the Rooster with their tutors including activities such as making Chinese lanterns and developing their understanding of the Chinese symbols and letters. Some tutors held small celebrations in their classrooms with pupils receiving the traditional red envelopes and pupils being able to sample some Chinese cuisine.  Pupils and staff also participated in special assemblies delivered by Mrs Dickinson and Mrs Yeung who are native speakers and were kind enough to come in. Year 5 and 6 pupils acted out the story of the animals and the zodiac.


Mrs Persuad did assembly for Year 7 and 8 with pupils having the opportunity to write their own new year wish down on their own red envelope. The kitchen staff  presented a special menu on this day for pupils to sample some Chinese cuisine.




The BBC school report team got involved and did some interviews to find out how pupils had been celebrating as part of their on going project. They will be visiting the BBC studios in Bristol in March .



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Dec 22 2016

Christmas antics at Fairlands 2016!

dsc_3295 dsc_3307 dsc_3316 dsc_3318 dsc_3319 dsc_3321 dsc_3323 dsc_3324 dsc_3326 dsc_3330 dsc_3331 dsc_3333

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